About me

If I’m not the only person who got started on a career path because I wanted to go to a restaurant, I am at least among a select few. Since I knew there would be a wait for a table, I stopped at the nearby used book store to get something to read. That book turned out to be about kidney transplants, and my interest in the world of medicine got kickstarted. I took biology courses in college (the one and only English major among them) and read every book about medicine I could get my hands on.

Since the career counselor at school had no work ideas for someone with such a combination of interests other than become a poetry reciting doctor or writing a novel on Agar plates, I had to think outside the box.

After a stint writing for a news site, I discovered freelancing and struck out on my own. My goal is to produce easily readable, engaging content for the medical field. Whether it’s a hospital blog post, a whitepaper detailing the hidden power of a medical device, or a ghostwritten clinical trial, I can give you content that gets results.

And while I continue to write fiction, no, I have yet to write a book on an Agar plate.